Quick Tip Tuesday Video for Online Sales Programs – Understanding Metrics

In our last blog post we talked about metrics for online sales counselor programs, but it’s really important to understand that in the age of COVID things have changed, and it’s important to adjust expectations in order to maximize ROI on online leads. Right now more “walk-in” traffic is coming through the Online Sales Counselors…

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Metrics Aren’t Everything…WHAT?

Metrics aren't everything

There, I said it. Metrics are not everything when it comes to a well-oiled Online Sales Counselor program. Especially in the Age of COVID.  I just blew the minds of many people including all my perfectionist OSC’s. You know how I know this? I’m nominating several of my past OSC’s I’ve trained for National Awards…

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Online Sales Counselors Need to be The CRM Expert for New Home Builders

I am a coach, a mentor, a trainer, a consultant. I am not technical support or here to set up your Customer Relationship Management tool (CRM.) Why? Because the only way to become an expert in your CRM is to dive in, learn it, break it, fix it, and as Nike used to say, Just…

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The Results Are In! Is Follow Up Your Weakest Link?

homebuyer mystery shop landing page header

  Blue Gypsy Inc. Partnered with Melinda Brody & Company and Denim marketing to shop 50 new home builders across the country. We spent 30 days tracking the follow up processes and examined speed, frequency of messaging and diversity of touch points. The results will shock you. Or maybe not. In our mystery shop we…

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2020 Vision: It’s a Game Changer – Webinar September 11

Is your follow up your weakest link? I’m a guest this week on the 2020 Vision: It’s a Game Changer series – by Kimberly Mackey Founder and consultant at New Homes Solutions Consulting and Carol Morgan Founder of Denim Marketing.  Myself, and Ben Marks – President of Melinda Brody & Company – in conjunction with…

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Quick Tip Tuesday Video – How To Optimize Live Chat

Video about Live Chat

Today’s Quick Tip for Online Sales Programs in the Building Industry is about Live Chat. If you are going to have your OSC utilize Live Chat you need to make sure these 3 things are happening. I’ve always been on the fence about live chat because all too often I’ve seen this become a band-aid…

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Don’t Burn Out Your Online Sales Counselor

Don't Burn Out Your OSC

Look, I’ve been doing this since 2007. Back when I began as an OSC we did not have the same kind of marketing and lead generation as we do now. I worked for a builder that sold about 350 or more homes per year, and back then we said if an OSC was doing 20-25%…

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What’s Happening: Events in September

What's happening in September

September is always a busy time of the year! But lots of conferences, summits, webinars and podcasts have recently been released or are coming soon in the month of September, which is always great for learning and industry education. I’m lucky enough to participate in some of them! Now through the end of the year, …

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CRM – Should it Integrate with Your New Home Builder Software?

CRM Customer Relationship Management for new home builders

So, I get this question a lot! Or I get this statement… “We don’t want to change CRM’s because it integrates with our contract writing, purchasing, building etc… software we already have.” Here’s the thing.  Some of the companies tack on an inferior Customer Relationship Management tool, (CRM) so that you will utilize their entire…

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How Do You Set Up a Professional Online Sales Program?

taking a big step toward setting up your online sales counselor program for new home builders

For smaller builders adding a new person to their team is a big step. So it’s important to start it out on the right foot. A professionally and properly implemented OSC program will convert digital traffic into appointments for onsite agents but it’s more than just a call center. The key factors in setting up…

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