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Follow Up – How Many Times Should You Contact a Lead

Leah Kaiz Fellows - Lead Gypsy Email Marketing, Lead Management, Training and Consulting

Follow Up. The other day in one of the professional groups I  belong to on Facebook I saw someone lamenting the fact that prospects were not returning his emails. He asked, “How long do you follow up before you just feel like you are being a pain?” I was astounded by the answers given by these professional social media people. …

Email Marketing Tips: Don’t Use Email Marketing Badly

Leah Kaiz Fellows - Lead Gypsy Email Marketing

I try to keep only relevant email coming into my work inbox. Work is too hectic to be deleting another LivingSocial or west elm blast out of my work email every 5 seconds. (Don’t get me wrong I drool over their deals and furniture all the time when I have a weak moment) My personal email can build up to …