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Is Follow Up Just a Fantasy in 2021?

26% of builders never followed up with prospective homebuyers – that’s up 6% from 2020.

If you are a home builder, your goal is to meet your buyers where they start their home search and provide the best possible experience.

In the 2021 Online Homebuyer Mystery Shop Report - Blue Gypsy Inc., Melinda Brody & Company and Denim Marketing performed a 30 day mystery shop on 50 home builders across the country.

Nearly 30 builders were from the Builder Top 200 List and the rest were chosen at random as we explored 30 days of follow up.

The survey reveals a variety of statistics and findings to help builders better understand the follow up process.

How many customers are you losing?

What You Will Take Away From This
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When you download this report you will learn more about your competition and their:

  • Speed of Follow Up
  • Frequency of Messaging
  • Diversity of Touch Points

You will see what a difference an online sales counselor makes during every step of 30 days of follow up.

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2021 Home Builder Mystery Shop Report

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