Turnkey Solutions Sound Great… But Are They?

Turnkey programs for new home builders for their online sales program just don't work.

I often hear builders say they want a turnkey solution for online sales. Really, they want turnkey solutions for everything. The truth is, almost anything worth while takes time to learn and master. As most builders like to remind me, they are different from their competitors. While we don’t need to re-invent the wheel every…

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Blue Gypsy Inc Doesn’t do “CRM Implementation,” We Teach “CRM Strategy”

CRM is not an option when it comes to online sales for new home builders

Well, you know that old story, “If you give a man a fish he eats for a day, if you teach a man to fish, he can feed his whole village.” That’s how we feel about CRM implementation. There’s no doubt about it, CRM is complex. And there are SOOOOO many of them out there.…

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IBS 2023 – One of the Best Educational Opportunities All Year Long

If you’ve never been to the International Builder’s Show, or when you do go, you spend most of your time walking the floor, there is an educational component that just shouldn’t be missed. This year I’ll be presenting two different topics on Online Sales in 2 different educational platforms. The 2023 builder show kicks off…

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Digging Deep into Empathy and Asking the Right Questions

digging deeper into empathy and understanding why people want to buy a home

Developing relationships. When I first started as an OSC, I saw this as my focus. Develop authentic relationships with the people who call me or email me and ask me about a house. This was my strategy, and it helped me become a high producing OSC. “What?” you might ask, “Does that have to do…

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Thanks & Giving: Reflections Over the Past Year

November always seems to be the month of reflections. For a couple of reasons. There’s the obvious reason that it’s the month of Thanksgiving, and often we find ourselves thinking about what we are thankful for, the good things in our lives, but if you are at all like me you also reflect forward, to…

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Foundational Reflections for Successful OSC Programs

There are certain things that successful OSC programs need, and as we prepare for the coming year it’s time to make sure that we are doing the best we can with this important program. The Right Person or People in the Right Seats – I’d love to say that every online sales counselor is gold……

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Better Together: Reflections From the Tropical Sales Training Retreat

The Tropical Retreat was a success for new home sales training.

Every day this week in Florida, I’ve woken up at 2am. And then I start reflecting on the day, the week, and really this entire year. It’s amazing how much planning goes into an event like the Tropical Sales Retreat. And I also reflect on how grateful I am on so many levels. Grateful to…

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Guest Post: Ready, Set, Market!

Guest Post by Carol Morgan Founder & President Denim Marketing Want to reach the finish line and score? Then it is time to shape up your marketing strategy. During the Covid-19 pandemic, many home builders sacked their marketing budget, and it is time to kick it back into high gear before calling for a Hail…

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The Rule of 3’s with a New Online Sales Counselor Program and Seasoned Agents

Adopting a new online sales counselor program can be like adopting a rescue dog. Not that the OSC is the rescue, the site sales agents are. Okay, okay, okay hear me out… I just recently started up a brand new full-time online sales program for a new home builder.  For 8 years previously they had…

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Debunking 5 Myths About Online Sales

As someone who started out in an online sales role for builders near the very early times (I like to call it back in the Stone Age) It’s time to debunk some myths about the online sales role. Myth #1 OSCs have only been around for about 10 years or so – While I started…

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