What Is Blue Gypsy?

Blue Gypsy Inc. is a marketing and consulting company founded in 2010 providing services and training for new home builders, brokers, real estate professionals, and related businesses. Since 2006 Leah Kaiz Fellows, the founder of Blue Gypsy Inc., has worked in the real estate industry and developed successful online sales programs, social media plans, and marketing for new home builders.

How Can Blue Gypsy’s Services Help You?

If you are looking to improve your lead capture and conversion then you are in the right place. We examine your entire program from lead capture through the final contract. By evaluating the current effectiveness of your website, SEO, social media, and internet content we put together a customized program to improve your lead capture and sales. Then we assist in hiring and training a dedicated online sales counselor to field  leads from emails, phone calls, social media platforms, and third party lead generation sites.

What Services Can Blue Gypsy Inc. Offer A Growing Business?

Blue Gypsy Inc. works with a talented team of professionals.

  • We help you hire and train an online sales counselor for your business.
  • We work with top notch graphic design professionals to create your entire business identity from digital to print.
  • We know the best in the business to provide full website assistance from analysis and design to SEO.
  • We keep your content fresh with ongoing blogging services.
  • We work one-on-one with you to develop customized plans that are in tune with your business.

How Can Blue Gypsy Help You Reach For Success?

Having fielded thousands of leads and appointments, our proven track record will set your online sales training program on a path to success. We’ve created and refined a professional system that, when implemented in its entirety, will blow your competition out of the water.

  • We Use benchmarks, metrics, and tracking to keep your Online Sales Program on task.
  • We evaluate your systems from website to CRM and implement a superior training program that will create results and increase sales for your company.
  • We teach your Online Sales Counselor the secrets to our success and instill that get-it-done attitude that we have honed over the years in other successful online sales training programs.

What People Are Saying

When we found out we’d be relocating to Virginia, we immediately started looking at homes online. We found a few we liked, but their locations weren’t ideal for us. Eventually, we found Chesapeake Homes and realized that a new build wasn’t actually out of our budget. Because we hadn’t even considered a “new” home, we had quite a list of questions! The first night we spoke with Leah, we called the toll free number to find out office hours since it was well after 8pm. When she answered, we were psyched – we just knew we’d get a recorded message. Leah was so nice and answered our questions on the spot. We have had many email exchanges and she continued to help us in this process. It’s nice to know that there are people like Leah who are able to take the time to answer our questions. To say she has had patience with us would be an understatement! Moving to a new state and buying a home can be overwhelming, but Leah has certainly made it a much easier process for us, and I can’t say enough about how excited we are to have met her.
Ginger Dail (Home Buyer)

Whether you work in the building or real estate industry or have a small or new business that needs assistance, Blue Gypsy, Inc. can assist you with experts in the industry to improve your Lead Management, Social Media, and Website

Contact Blue Gypsy right now to find out how we can help!

Training & Consulting

We coach you through the sales funnel with our Online Sales System and proven Online Sales Process. We customize our approach for home builders, brokers, real estate professionals, and small businesses.

Digital Marketing

A successful online sales program begins with your web presence and proceeds through all your digital activities. We analyze your website, marketing, SEO, lead capture, through follow-up and develop a plan.

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