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ECI | Lasso: Top New Home Sales Tips for 2022

What happens when you get 23 industry leaders to discuss tips and tricks heading into 2022? A wealth of information all in one blog! I…

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Atlanta Real Estate Forum: Home Builder Follow-Up Misses The Mark

For the second year in a row, Blue Gypsy Inc., Melinda Brody & Company and Denim Marketing but together the 2021 Online Homebuyer Mystery Shop…

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Head to Head: How An Abundance Mentality Can Restore Order to Your World

Have you ever heard the saying, “there is enough to go around”? This comes from an abundance mindset. It was Dr. Stephen Covey who said,…

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Milesbrand: Selling Homes Online – Tips from Industry Experts

Have you ever wondered what components are needed to have a successful OSC program? Not only are we needing to keep up with the current…

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Denim Marketing Expert Series: Leah Fellows with Blue Gypsy Inc.

With years of experience in the industry, Leah Fellows, owner and operator of Blue Gypsy, Inc. brings a unique approach to the OSC training table.…

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Anya Chrisanthon Podcast Episode 106: Confessions of a Secret Online Shopper

In 2020, Leah Fellows of Blue Gypsy, Inc alongside Denim Marketing and Melinda Brody & Co., performed a secret shop to determine the strengths and…

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ECI | Lasso: Top New Home Sales Tips for 2021

The world shut down in 2020, but the building industry did not! With record high sales and an influx of online shopping, it was an…

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Atlanta Real Estate Forum Episode 944: 2020 Online Homebuyer Mystery Shop Report Results Are In

It is still baffling to learn how many builders STILL do not have an Online Sale Program, especially during a pivotal time in the industry.…

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bey rep podcast

BeyRep Podcast: Leah Fellows on Women in Sales

With her unique charm and worldly travels, Leah Fellows, owner and operator of Blue Gypsy, Inc (BGI), speaks to Grace Mase of BeyRep to discuss…

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New Homes Solutions Consulting Blog Post: Three Quick Tips Every Onsite Salesperson Can Learn from Osc’s

Being an OSC is not an easy job nor is it a role for everyone. There are many qualities an OSC must have in order…

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