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Online Sales Counselors Aren’t Your Typical Salespeople!

  • You know you need an online sales counselor
  • You just don’t have the time or energy to hire one yourself
  • Let us handle that for you!

Our Online Sales Counselor Recruiting Program will help you find that special gem. The OSC is the face of your website and needs to be a unique combination of qualities to maintain a top achieving Online Sales Program.

How Can You Step Up Your Lead Conversion?

  • Are you still grappling with the idea of implementing an online sales counselor program?
  • Are you sure you are reaching your maximum ROI on digital leads?
  • We can set you up for success!

Our Online Sales Counselor Training Program supports your OSC with a professional mentoring and training curriculum that will allow you to ramp up your program quicker, convert more sales, and implement a dynamic online lead management program.

Are You Spending Money on Digital Marketing and Lead Generation?

  • Do you know what happens to all those leads you pay good money to create?
  • Have you tracked their follow up and buying cycle?
  • We can help you keep track of what’s really happening with your prospects!

Our Mystery Shopping Programs help you refine your online lead management process with this comprehensive evaluation and training tool. We help you see where you are and coach you to where you need to be for success!