In New Home Sales, Where Does the Buyer’s Journey Begin?

New home buyers' journey

When I started working as an online sales counselor, we though only 70% of people began their search for a new home online. Back then, in the ancient times of the early 2000’s it was almost as if your website was just a billboard on this new-fangled internet. (do you even know what a billboard…

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20 Blind Men, An Elephant, and Your 360 Degree Evaluation

Online Sales 360 degree evaluation

Have you heard that old parable about putting 20 blind people in a room with an elephant? Each person has a different experience with the elephant. The first leans against it feeling a sturdy wall. The second feels the tip of a tusk and believes it to be a spear. The next feels the trunk…

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Balancing Business and Quality of Life: 7 Lessons

lessons in business

This time last year leading up to the holidays I had a client that ran me ragged. Several times I felt like dropping this client, but I didn’t. Now a year later, looking at an unpaid invoice that languishes in my quickbooks I know that the client was actually a lesson in disguise. Seven lessons…

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The Search For “Affordable” Websites

affordable, website, marketing, digital media

I see  it all the time. The word affordable. People are often looking for services that are “affordable”. That term is so subjective it is hard to pin it down. It’s like nailing jello to the wall or herding cats. What is affordable to one company is not affordable to another. And yet…when you say…

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How are You Making Twitter Work for Your Business?

Do you keep asking yourself how can twitter help my business? How can I use twitter? And what is the point? If so you are not alone. Many people get started on twitter and don’t know what they really want to use it for. It is not a business tool for everyone, but it can…

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Business Coach Vs. Snake Oil Salesman

Wow folks, I’ve just got to get this out there in a post to go on the record. I am very skeptical of business coaches, and people who train business coaches. There I said it. My skepticism comes from watching a whole business arise in this flagging economy. Have you ever heard that old Woody…

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Outsourced: Not the Show

Blue Gypsy Inc has grown so much in it’s one year of existence. This is a wonderful thing! This time last year I sent my first proposal out into the world and was busy getting my company name Blue Gypsy, incorporated. Now I have several happy clients who keep me very busy. I’m not complaining!…

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Not Created Equally: Find Your Unique Teacher, Coach or Social Media Advisor

Not all business coaches, consultants or social media “experts” are created equally. Much like a personal trainer focuses on the individual, so too do you need to find a business specialist that focuses on your business as if there is no other business out there just like yours. Recently I started to go back to…

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Listen: If You Aren’t Picking Up Cues You Lose

Listen. This is the key to great service. Listen. Seems easy right? This is the secret to capturing and keeping clients. Right now I’m sure everyone is saying, “Duh, I listen all the time.” But no….no you don’t. Perfect way to alienate someone seeking your services is to not listen to what they are telling…

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The Three Rules of Bartending: Two Easily Apply To Social Networking

There are three rules to Bartending. Don’t talk about politics, don’t talk about sports, and don’t talk about religion. Back in my previous life as a bartender, before I traveled around the world and then landed in real estate, these three rules were golden. When your life depends on tips from customers the last thing…

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