Guest Post: Capturing and Nurturing Leads in a Hot Market

  Guest Blog Post by Lasso CRM With most builders experiencing a banner year, how you keep track of your leads is more important now than ever before. I don’t know if you can ever have too many leads, but if you’re not properly capturing and nurturing them, this is a problem. When times are…

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I’m Not Just an Online Sales Counselor Trainer, I’m an OSC Advocate

Look. This post COVID climate is crazy. First it was crazy when everything went online and builders FINALLY started to embrace the role of the OSC, and those that had them thanked their lucky stars that they were able to pivot quickly.  And now it’s crazy with the rising cost of materials, interest lists 100’s…

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Online Sales Counselor Training Isn’t About the Hours or Canned Packages

I get asked all the time by builders if I have an hourly rate or an hourly package they can purchase. I also have builders that ask me if I have a recorded set of lessons. The thing is I can’t track hours, and I can’t feel good about putting together pre-canned “education.”  If someone…

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Engaging Questions that Make Your Job Easier

There are many facets to the role of an online sales counselor.  OSC’s are the face of the company and are positioned to be that “guide” throughout the online sales process. The goal is to build trust, provide information and open up rapport with everyone who reaches out and shows interest. One aspect of that…

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Quick Tip Tuesday – Getting the Most Out of Educational Opportunities

The Importance of Education in new home building

Both online sales counselors and leadership can benefit from opportunities like IBSx. It’s important to take the time to expand knowledge and explore new possibilities when trying to constantly refine and improve your online sales program.  This year with IBS education being presented in an online format  – IBSx (thanks Pandemic!) this is an opportunity…

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Upcoming Events and Speaking Engagements for Blue Gypsy Inc.

Events and speaking engagement for Blue Gypsy inc.

The Month of February is packed full of events! Leah Fellows, the owner and online sales counselor trainer at Blue Gypsy Inc. will be speaking at several virtual events across the country. IBSx February 9-12 – Make sure to get your all access pass! With 100+ education sessions across 9 industry tracks there will be…

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Have Online Sales Systems In Place BEFORE The Home Building Market Changes

Be Ready for Change before It happens

Systems need to be in place if you want to grow and maintain during the highs and lows of the new home building market.  People will always be buying real estate, it’s just their methods and what’s important to our buyers changes as the market fluctuates.  This is the toughest point to get across in…

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3 Blue Gypsy Inc. Trained Online Sales Counselors Going For Gold at Nationals 2021

Three Blue Gypsy Inc. trained OSC’s have already been awarded silver for OSC of the year and are going for gold at the NAHB Nationals 2021. Awards and recognition are well deserved this year and that’s why I nominated Charla Ellenbrand at Elite Homes in Louisville, KY, Brittany Richardson at Epic Homes in Littleton, CO,…

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The Power of Abundance – Blue Gypsy Inc’s 5 Pillars for Helping Homebuilders

Inspiration from Teri Karjala

It’s interesting. I just had a conversation with someone in the home building industry and as always the topic of abundance came up. (Because I bring it up because it’s so important to me!) I am a STRONG believer in the powerful mindset of abundance. And yet, when I look at the 5 pillars on…

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Podcast: Kevin, Greg and I Chat About the Importance of Online Sales

Have you heard of The Home Builder Digital Marketing Podcast? Kevin Weizel at Outhouse – amazing interactive floor plans, digital renderings, and virtual tours for builders and Greg Bray at Blue Tangerine – incredible websites and marketing for new home builders, joined forces to bring you a great industry podcast chalked full of important information…

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