Listen: If You Aren’t Picking Up Cues You Lose

Listen. This is the key to great service. Listen. Seems easy right?

This is the secret to capturing and keeping clients. Right now I’m sure everyone is saying, “Duh, I listen all the time.” But no….no you don’t.

Perfect way to alienate someone seeking your services is to not listen to what they are telling you. There is a reason why people say email me, don’t call me. Call me don’t email me. Text me, DM me, write it on my facebook wall. Send me a proposal, don’t send me a proposal, send me a quick summary, what can you do for me in 10 words or less.

There are certain modes of communication some people monitor, while others don’t. There is a certain threshold of time people have to listen to your pitch before they need to move on to the next item on their long “todo” list.

If you aren’t picking up their cues you lose.

Remember that line, if you aren’t picking up their cues they’ll find the person who offers the same services who is listening to what they are saying.

I’m old school. Send me an email. I’d rather get an email about services I’ve put in an inquiry about. Recently I was inquiring about an online chat service. I want to put together a comparison sheet of services and prices for a client. I need to do my research and I want the information readily available. It’s great that they have their live chat in action so I can check it out, but their site is void of any pricing and service information. Even after I provide them with all my contact information.


So after “live Chatting” essentially texting back and forth with a representative I put in a request to be emailed a price sheet and list of services. One of the reasons I’m interested in this service is because many people don’t like to pick up the phone and call for information but wouldn’t mind chatting.

The following email (A whole 24 hours later) came to me.

Thank you for your recent interest in XYZ online chat solutions. My name is “Betty Smith”, and I am your Product Consultant at XYZ. I see from your chat with “Herbert” that you are interested to use XYZ with BlueGypsy Inc. Will chat be a Service or a Sales tool? Leah, it would be my pleasure to schedule a time for us to speak, during which we can discuss your online business needs and objectives. Will you be available this morning for a quick call? I look forward to speaking with you.

UMMMMMMM HUGE fail!!!! Fist off I requested information almost 24 hours ago. Second off in my discussion with “Herbert” I told him it was not for my company directly but for a client and that I needed pricing and service information emailed to me. I duplicated the request when I put in a “request” I even said no phone calls just email. Now I’m getting absolutely not what I’m looking for.

I wanted a quick turnaround on this information because I have a client I told I’d have information to by the end of the week...

Who’s not listening here?

This is the easiest way to lose business. So listen.