New Home Marketing: Don’t Race to the Bottom Pricing

Recently as I was speaking with one of my online sales counselors, we were talking about community pricing and marketing. She told me the secret of creating happy buyers… Ask any OSC out there and 99% of the time they will tell you their communities are marketed based on the lowest possible price. What that…

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Agent, OSC, and Customer Communication for the Perfect Hand-Off

creating the right lead hand-off from online sales to onsite sales

You know the old saying buyers are liars? Well they aren’t liars, but sometimes they get their information wrong. And at times that can cause strife between OSC’s and Agents. That’s why it’s so important to get the lead hand-off right. Often when we teach the lead hand-off between online and onsite it’s a one-time…

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8 Tips to Create a Successful OSC Program

8 tips for successful online sales counselor programs

Creating a successful online sales counselor program doesn’t happen over night, and it doesn’t happen by accident. Here are a few details to help you assess or get started thinking about how to start or improve your online sales program. There are so many more details I could share about setting up a successful OSC…

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Collaboration in the Building Industry Raises Our Vibration

February is the month of love, and I, like many in the building industry, just got back from a lovefest in the building industry – also known as the International Builders Show (IBS). It was the first time in two years to see friends, colleagues, and clients in person.  There was hugging, there was laughter,…

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Blue Gypsy Inc’s Top Pics for IBS 2022 Education

IBS Education

Hey all, lets face it…ALL the education is incredible at IBS. I love listening to other experts in the industry talk about the topics they are passionate about. This is by no means the list for everyone, but as I go and set up my schedule for what I want to attend these are a…

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Making Your Online Sales Plan for 2022?

Schedule some time for your online sales counselor program

If you are planning for 2022 and would like to get some feedback and ideas did you know I’m here to help? There are options to book some time with me whether you are a past, present, or future client or just want to brainstorm some ideas and get to know each other. I’ve recently…

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Online Sales Counselor Recognition – National Silver Winners

Award winning online sales counselors

Being an online sales counselor is hard work. They are the unsung heroes and vital team members in lead development and conversion. And the thing about these unicorns is that one of the things that makes them so successful is that they usually are not one to brag about themselves. While online sales counselors are…

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Frequently Asked Questions About Online Sales Programs

FAQ's about OSC programs

There are many questions I get when we are looking at starting or evaluating an existing program, especially when it comes to hiring an OSC and setting them up for success. Frequently asked questions: Can’t we just move an agent from sales to online sales or hire a seasoned realtor?  The answer is sometimes. Not…

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Is Long-Term Follow Up Still Important?

Follow up for online sales counselors

The last 18 months have seen crazy things happening in the new home construction world. It’s no secret that we have more buyers than homes. So, is it really necessary to have long-term follow up? The answer is YES! For the first quarter in a while, we are seeing the lead volume slow down. What…

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Quick Tip Tuesday: Hiring Your OSC Locally

This tip goes well with the upcoming Lasso Webinar – Hiring a Unicorn. I know there are some people in the industry that believe an OSC can work from anywhere. And while I do think that it’s true an OSC doesn’t need to be working in the office from 9-5 Monday – Friday, I do…

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