Enhancing Builder Efficiency Through Effective Online Sales Counselors

4th Annual Online Homebuyer Mystery Shop Report In the ever-changing arena of new home building, the role of Online Sales Counselors (OSCs) has proven indispensable. The 4th Annual Online Homebuyer Mystery Shop Report, a collaborative effort between Melinda Brody & Company, Denim Marketing, and Blue Gypsy Inc., sheds light on this crucial role. This annual report serves as a barometer for industry standards and practices, offering insights that help refine the strategies of home builders across the nation.

Collaboration Driving Insights

Each year, Melinda Brody & Company, known for their expertise in sales video mystery shopping, teams up with Denim Marketing, which specializes in strategic marketing plans, and Blue Gypsy Inc., experts in online sales consulting. Together, they compile a report that is rich in data and essential for setting benchmarks in the home building industry. This partnership leverages the unique strengths of each entity to cover a comprehensive spectrum of metrics, from initial customer contact to follow-up efficiency.

Trends and Changes Over the Years

Over the years, the findings from the Online Homebuyer Mystery Shop Report have highlighted some significant trends. Initially, the focus was on basic response times and the existence of follow-up strategies. Its focus has been speed, diversity of touch points, and consistent, persistent follow up over a 30 day shopping period.  The report has always compared overall results to those builders with OSCs and without. Recent reports have also broken down the survey into 5 sub-groups being shopped from large national builders to smaller local builders.

This year’s report has brought to light that while 79% of builders with OSCs reached out within the first 24 hours, a stark contrast remains against the mere 6% of builders without OSCs who responded timely. This discrepancy underscores the growing divide between builders who adopt innovative customer engagement strategies and those who do not.

Continuous Improvement and the Future

Despite the clear advantages demonstrated by builders with OSCs, there are areas ripe for improvement. A significant number of builders (34% did not follow up by email, and 60% by phone) still miss opportunities for engagement. These gaps suggest that builders may benefit by having OSC programs.

The collaborative nature of the report by Melinda Brody & Company, Denim Marketing, and Blue Gypsy Inc. ensures a continuous focus on improvement and innovation. By analyzing trends over the years, these organizations help builders understand the critical role of OSCs in achieving superior customer service and efficient sales processes.


Investing in OSCs by focusing on training, leadership, and goal setting can lead to more efficient operations and improved customer satisfaction. As demonstrated by the evolving findings of the Annual Online Homebuyer Mystery Shop Report, builders who adapt to these insights often lead the market. Thus, the integration, training, and empowerment of OSCs are essential for builders aiming to enhance their competitive edge and convert prospects into delighted homeowners swiftly.