The Three C’s of OSCs in The Building Industry

OSCs In the new home building industry are called by a variety of titles. They are Online Sales Counselors, Online Sales Concierge, and Online Sales Consultants. They also are called ISPs Internet Sales Specialists, ISSs Internet Sales Specialists, ISAs Internet Sales Assistants. And so much more.

No matter what you call this role there are three C’s that are important to understand behind who they are and what they do for your building company. The trio of Counselor, Consultant, and Concierge represents vital facets essential for success.

Consultant, Concierge and Counselor – while interchangeable “C”s in the title of an OSC they really set the stage for the expectations and skill sets an OSC must have to be effective. They must do a lot of discovery and a lot less selling. Once they understand what the why’s are behind all the areas of qualification they can set an effective strong appointment.

Counselors excel in empathetic listening and understanding clients’ needs and motivations. They delve deep into the “why” behind every inquiry, guiding potential buyers through the emotional journey of home purchasing.

Consultants bring expertise and strategic insights to the table. They analyze data, market trends, and client preferences to offer tailored solutions and recommendations. Their role is to empower clients with knowledge and confidence in their decision-making process.

Concierges are the ultimate facilitators, ensuring a seamless and personalized experience for clients. They anticipate needs, provide resources, and offer exceptional customer service, elevating the overall buying journey.

Individually, each “C” brings unique strengths to the OSC role. Together, they synergize to create a formidable force, setting the stage for meaningful engagements, informed decisions, and ultimately a successful hand-off to onsite sales to carry the homebuyer through to contract.