Quick Tip Tuesday: One Size Doesn’t Fit All in Online Sales Counselors Programs and Training

It’s important to understand that a one-size-fits-all approach for online sales counselor programs is not beneficial to new home builders across the industry.  First it’s important to see that training doesn’t happen in a bubble. There is an entire program set up required in order to create a successful online sales program. Sometimes we think…

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Quick Tip Tuesday: Gratitude and Celebration

Quick Tip Tuesday Gratitude and Celebration

It’s been a difficult month over here at Blue Gypsy Inc. at least for me personally. In the month of March I lost two family members near and dear to me. first my most favorite cat and easy companion, Squirrel. (Yes we had a cat named Squirrel.) And then shortly on the heals, my mother…

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Quick Tip Tuesday – Getting the Most Out of Educational Opportunities

The Importance of Education in new home building

Both online sales counselors and leadership can benefit from opportunities like IBSx. It’s important to take the time to expand knowledge and explore new possibilities when trying to constantly refine and improve your online sales program.  This year with IBS education being presented in an online format  – IBSx (thanks Pandemic!) this is an opportunity…

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Quick Tip Tuesday Video for Online Sales Programs – Understanding Metrics

In our last blog post we talked about metrics for online sales counselor programs, but it’s really important to understand that in the age of COVID things have changed, and it’s important to adjust expectations in order to maximize ROI on online leads. Right now more “walk-in” traffic is coming through the Online Sales Counselors…

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Quick Tip Tuesday Video – How To Optimize Live Chat

Video about Live Chat

Today’s Quick Tip for Online Sales Programs in the Building Industry is about Live Chat. If you are going to have your OSC utilize Live Chat you need to make sure these 3 things are happening. I’ve always been on the fence about live chat because all too often I’ve seen this become a band-aid…

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Quick Tip Tuesday Video – The Value Of Video Emails in Online Sales Programs

Today’s Quick Tip for Online Sales Programs in the Building Industry is about Video Email. Video email is a MUST when it comes to the online sales counselor role. According to 2020 marketing statistics compiled by SNOVio Labs, an initial email with a video receives a click through rate increase of 96%. Using the word…

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