Quick Tip Tuesday Video – The Value Of Video Emails in Online Sales Programs

Today’s Quick Tip for Online Sales Programs in the Building Industry is about Video Email.

Video email is a MUST when it comes to the online sales counselor role.

According to 2020 marketing statistics compiled by SNOVio Labs, an initial email with a video receives a click through rate increase of 96%. Using the word video increases the open rates 19%. When we use video email we cut down unsubscribes by 26%. This is not surprising since 54% of email subscribers  say they prefer emails with videos.

Video Email Puts a Face to the Name – this builds trust and build’s rapport with prospective home buyers. Let’s face it, the more that people see you on their computer or phone screen the more they feel like they know you. We buy from people we know and trust. Video email becomes the foundation of your trust building platform with potential home buyers.

Video Email Can Be Very Personalized – Sure people receive emails with their first name in the subject line, and dear so and so, but a personalized video email lets people know they aren’t just numbers. When you hold up a sign with your prospective buyer’s name on it at the beginning of the video, they KNOW this isn’t just any old email. It’s a video that has been specifically designed for them.

Video Email Diversifies Your Touch Points – We all know it can take 8-12 touch points to get someone to communicate. Video emailing can be a strong addition to your touch points and really help increase your appointment setting capabilities.

One of my Online Sales Counselors (OSC’s) sent 66 personalized emails to older leads. She had more than a 50% open rate, and ended up setting 18 appointments.

The fine art of video emailing combines personalized videos with some per-programed videos. What do I mean by this?  It may not be feasible to create an individual email each week for each new prospect. While I encourage you to do as much personalization as you can, and utilize it early on in your follow up process, creating some more general video content that can be used over and over will also be helpful. Some possible topics could be on:

  • The Building Process
  • Why XYZ Builder is Differenet
  • A Note From The Founder
  • Introduction to Onsite Agents
  • Featured Rooms
  • New Community Openings

There are so many more ideas we can share as we look at creating a dynamic online sales program. Feel free to reach out for a free consultation.