The Energy Is Building! Can You Feel It?

It’s amazing, the positive things that can happen when people come together under the umbrella of a great cause. Blue Gypsy Bluesfest is almost here. I can’t believe this event that started with me saying, “Let’s Have A Party and give back to Habitat for Humanity” Has taken on such a life of it’s own.

It’s funny. I’ve had people ask me if I’m the Promoter for the event. Well, I guess so…I mean I wrote all the copy on the website, have written all the blog posts, the tweets, the face book updates, wrote the press releases, sent them out to everyone under the sun, harassed people on facebook to get it into their feeds (I say that lovingly, I really hope no one felt harassed…rather I believe they “Caught” my enthusiasm.

But then there is the whole element of the event taking on a life of it’s own. People caught the energy the enthusiasm and the focus of a great cause and took the ball and ran with it.

VBNightlife has helped me out so much and gave the Blue Gypsy Bluesfest a huge promo in the Weekend Update!

I’ve gotten to hang out on the Blues Traffic Jam twice now with Jerry Carter on WFOS 88.7. I never knew how much I’d love radio, but it’s more about hanging out with Jerry. I’m so glad he’ll be the MC for the event.

But it’s more than that. Today I got a phone call from a guy who’d read about it in the “Navy” Paper….I’m still not sure which military publication it was that picked my press release up and ran with it….but Yippeee!!!

And then after running around all day picking up items for silent auction, signs and banners for the event, and talking on the radio (not to mention everything else) I was checking in at the hotel Because I just can’t do one more drive back to Mathews County before the event, and the guy in line next to me said, “Blue Gypsy Bluesfest, I read about that in the Pulse today.” WOW that’s exciting!

Alt Daily put it in Reasons To Leave Your House This Weekend and the Beacon put it in their facebook feed since they weren’t able to get anything in to the Paper this week. Several reporters will be out checking out this first time event.

It’s just amazing how the energy is carrying this event on and each and every individual who is talking about it and getting the word out about it is adding more positive energy. That’s what I’m talking about! Use that positive energy to create positive thoughts, Positive thoughts to create positive ideas, those positive ideas to create positive actions, positive actions to create positive results.

I hope everyone who can will come out this weekend and enjoy the festival. With Blues, BBQ, the Petting Zoo, Corn Hole, Amazing artists and businesses, and a growing list of great items in the Silent Auction you won’t be able to help but have a good time.

Just mention you saw something about this event at the gate and only pay $40 at the door. That includes all your BBQ, two drinks and tons of fun. And you’ll have fun while giving back to Habitat for Humanity and The Nachel‘ Blues Network.