I’ve Known Beaches….But Social Media By The Beach?

I’ve known beaches…But I never knew social media and the beach went together until recently. And never did I think I’d be involved in planning a social media event at the beach!

As a dive instructor and sailboat captain for 7 years I’ve known my share of beaches.

I’ve done Tai Chi by the sea, and soaked in the ancient aura of the exotic tropical spice island of Zanzibar. I lived on the beach in a rondaval – round clay building with a grass roof – just 15 feet from the sea. Every morning at dawn the fisherman readied their ngalawas, traditional outrigger canoes fitted with sails, to go out for the catch of the day. I’d stretch and go through my morning form. Breathe, touch the beach, do nothing extra.

In later years, after my time in Africa, I remember other beaches. While sailing in the British Virgin Islands I recall a morning anchored in the lee of a tiny island with a single palm tree. As the sun rose, I dove off my catamaran and swam through the turquoise water to the powder soft sand, welcoming the morning with some yoga.

There were many beaches between Zanzibar and the BVI’s.

Back then I was thousands of miles from where I am now. A different Continent, a different profession, and a different mindset.

In Zanzibar, checking email was a chore, it was expensive and slow, and I certainly had nothing to do with blogging, twitter or facebook at the time. Email on a sailboat in the Caribbean? Forget about it! Never did I think I’d become an online sale consultant, and run the social media plan for a large local builder. Now I find myself nearby a different beach with a different life. Not one with sails and underwater adventure, but still an amazing undertaking none the less.

I’ve recently joined the team for New Media Conventions right here in Virginia Beach. After a successful event in 2009, this dynamic group of professionals in the Hampton Roads Area is beginning to plan the next big event New Media Conventions 2010. Together, we are going to bring Social Media and New Media to the Beach. Virginia Beach!

Come join us! For more information on New Media Conventions go to http://newmediaconventions.com/ I’ll see you there!