Online Sales and Onsite Sales Teams Transform Homebuyer Engagement with Video Emails

In the fast-paced and competitive world of new home construction, establishing a meaningful connection with potential homebuyers is key to success. One of the most innovative and impactful tools in the arsenal of Online Sales Counselors (OSCs) and onsite Sales Agents is the use of video emails. In this blog post, we’ll explore the transformative power of video emails throughout the entire homebuyer journey, from initial engagement to contract signing.

Engagement: Breaking Through the Digital Noise

As an OSC, the challenge often lies in standing out amidst the myriad of digital communications bombarding potential homebuyers. Video emails offer a dynamic and engaging solution to captivate your audience. Instead of relying on text-heavy emails that can easily be skimmed or overlooked, OSCs can create personalized video messages that can speak to everyone as a person, not a number or a lead.

Time and again I hear OSCs who are embracing video email tell me that they didn’t get a response until they sent a video email and the prospect realized they were real and not an automated robot.

Not only can an OSC and site sales agents use video email in their general follow up campaigns, but they can step outside the box and record a short video walkthrough of a newly completed home, highlighting its features, design elements, and the overall ambiance. This not only provides a more immersive experience but also establishes a personal connection between the OSC and the homebuyer.

Wouldn’t you want to respond to a video like this? Madison is rocking it as a new OSC and embracing the video emails.

Follow Up: Nurturing Relationships with a Personal Touch

After the initial engagement, OSCs can utilize video emails for follow-up messages that are both informative and personal. Sending a video after a positive phone call or a follow-up message tailored to the buyer’s preferences creates a more memorable experience. These videos can address specific questions, offer additional information, and reinforce the emotional connection between the homebuyer and the builder.

Consider a scenario where a potential buyer expresses interest in a particular floor plan. The OSC can respond with a video email showcasing similar homes, emphasizing unique features, and providing answers to any outstanding questions. This not only streamlines the communication process but also adds a human touch that resonates with the buyer.

Appointment Setting: Enhancing the Pre-Visit Experience

Video emails play a crucial role in setting the stage for the online to on-site handoff. Instead of relying solely on traditional communication methods, OSCs can send video confirmations to homebuyers with the sales agent and introduce the person they will be meeting with.

Likewise a sales agent can send their own personalized video reiterating some of the notes in their CRM and how they are excited to meet with the prospective home buyer.

“Jenny and Ted, I’m so excited to give you a tour of Sandy Springs, I particularly want to show you our Madison model with the enhanced mother-in-law suite that will be perfect for your father George when he comes to live with you!”

Post-Appointment: Guiding Homebuyers Towards Contract Signing

Onsite Sales Agents can leverage video emails to maintain momentum after on-site appointments. A personalized video recap of the visit, emphasizing key features and addressing any concerns raised during the tour, can be a powerful tool to keep the buyer engaged and excited.

Using Video to Elevate the Homebuying Experience is a Win for Everyone

In the new home building industry, where competition is fierce and personal connections matter, video emails are a game-changer. From the initial point of contact to the final contract signing, OSCs and onsite Sales Agents can harness the power of video to create immersive, personalized, and memorable experiences for homebuyers. By integrating video emails into the follow-up process, professionals in the industry can build stronger relationships, differentiate themselves in a crowded market, and ultimately guide homebuyers towards their dream homes.