Slow Economy Shouldn’t Equal Slow Response Time

Just answer the phone. Just send an email!

Do you ever get frustrated when you aren’t getting quick answers to your questions?

Well think of how your customers feel when the same thing happens to them.

Do you know why, as an online sales consultant, I have so many people thanking me for my quick response to their questions? It’s because I do just that… I RESPOND! It’s an interesting world we live in. Everything is break neck speed instant gratification. The internet and our mobile society have made it so easy to get quick answers.

But sometimes, just sometimes, you can’t find what you are looking for and you need someone to tell you over the phone or in an email.

If you have to wait too long you lose interest and move on to the next person who might be able to answer your question. Does that sound familiar?

If you are like that what makes you think your customers aren’t. Yet time and again, I am either shopping businesses, or just plain need information for what I’m working on, and a common theme runs through. Lack of customer service. Lack of attention to the client inquiry. If you don’t hook ’em on the inquiry, why do you think they are going to want to do business with you?
And did I mention personal response?

An auto responder is only okay if you are using it to tell people you will be back with them shortly with a more detailed response to their question….and you really do get back to them with a more detailed response to their question! This folks is customer service. If your competition isn’t paying attention you’ll be able to one up them and win business.

The common mantra in business today seems to be slow economy. Slow economy shouldn’t equal slow response.

You need to service the people who are still willing to play. That should mean that if you have fewer prospects, you are treating them all like gold as they walk through your virtual doors. Or pick up a phone to inquire about your goods and services.

If no one else is responding quickly all you have to do is respond and you’ll have a much higher likelihood of gaining the business. Doesn’t seem like a costly business plan now does it?