Texting While Driving: Watch This Video

In this mobile world we live in sometimes we forget to turn off. Sometimes we forget that there’s not anything that’s so important it can’t wait. This is especially true while driving.

With our smart phones, ipads, GPS systems, XM radios and so many other distractions it’s not just the stuff of fast food taking our attention off our driving any more. I remember when I learned how to drive 25 years ago it was a hard and fast rule that I was not allowed to change the radio station. Now there are so many more distractions for teenagers, and for us old people too.

But to what end? Is there really a text, email, facebook update, tweet or post that we can’t live without during the same moments we are speeding at each other in death machines? I know I’m hugely guilty of this. That’s why for many many years I had texting disabled on my cell phone. I didn’t want to be distracted by trying to read things while driving. As it is I’m a huge offender of talking on the cell while driving.

Watching this video by AT&T brought it home that there is nothing so important it can’t wait:

It’s just not worth it. Let’s all try to remember that even though we live in a world where communication over many devises is instantaneous, we are allowed to ignore these devises and should when safety is at stake. Don’t think you can look away just for a second to see what someone has written or write a quick note back. That one character punched into the phone could be the instant of life or death for yourself or someone else.

Have you ever wished you could take back a second and redo it because you’ve broken a glass, or lost something important? Well, this could be the most important second of your life. And there are no take backs or do overs.