Random Gypsy Ramblings: How to Keep an Abundant Mindset

Little known fact, one of my first blogs I ever had was called Random Gypsy Ramblings. It told many storied about my travels around the world and my inner thoughts. I long since let go of that blog, and with it a lot of published articles. I think though I need to bring it back to the Blue Gypsy Inc. Blog.

Sometimes I think it’s important to know the origin of where people’s ideas come from and who they are, because it’s on that basis you can trust that someone will have your back or be that professional influence you are looking for when you are looking for a consultant, a trainer, an industry expert, or even just an industry mentor or friend. My Random Gypsy Ramblings, may be a good place for you to get to know me even more than you may or may not know me now.

So, Mindset of Abundance: Where does it come from? Why is it important? How can we all intentionally summon a mindset of abundance to keep our intentions and actions clean and clear?

Anyone who knows me, knows I’m a firm believer in the idea of abundance. That there is enough to go around.

Life and work are not pie. It’s not like because one person is blessed with great things, you can’t also experience greatness. Just because one salesperson has a really good month doesn’t mean you automatically have to have a bad one. There is always enough to go around. Sometimes it’s not easy to stay in that state of being and understanding, but it’s important to try.

We attract what we put out in the world, and when we put out a vibration of desperation, we actually repel our opportunities. When we let the universe know that we will trust in the best possible outcomes and that we are open to abundance, we let it right in.  Now I’m not saying this mindset is a replacement for work. You still need to do the work. You need a business plan, you need a sales plan, you need to know what you are doing and what your ‘why’ is to get you through the toughest times. But opening up your mind, your heart, and your soul to abundance allows it to shower over you.

Things to Help Cultivate this Abundance

Remember, you are in the driver’s seat. As soon as you become a victim, a bully, or simply check out, you’ve lost your flow of abundance.

Energy comes from within. It starts with your breathe, it flows through your body to create a strong posture, it continues through your joints to keep you relaxed, it rises up through your heart and your head to create clarity, positivity, and balance. Abundance can be blocked by tension, stress, labored breathing, exhaustion. It’s important to let the energy flow.

It’s important to recognize the power of your own thoughts and how they can create a mindset of abundance or scarcity. When we sit passively, we are often bombarded with negative thoughts without even realizing it. Sometimes we need to disrupt the pattern. It’s important to be present in your mind, and when a negative thought jolts to your awareness stop. As my business coach Teri says, “say to yourself, what an interesting thought that is, that’s an interesting thought.” This will jolt your awareness and start to change your energy.

Believe. In the immortal words of Ted Lasso, “Believe” when be believe that anything is possible we create the option for anything to happen. Open up and have a wide view of the world. When you allow in all possibilities, you are welcoming an abundance mentality.

Words can hurt or help, choose wisely. Your own self-talk, as well as the words you use to communicate and describe others, shapes your reality. What kinds of stories are you telling yourself? The Universe listens. Make sure you are treating yourself as well as others with the love and care you want to bring into the Universe.  What you say you can create. Create wisely.

These are just a couple of Random Gypsy Ramblings about Abundance. When you welcome it in to all aspects of your life, you’ll be amazed at the things that will come.