Singing The Facebook Security Blues in Costa Rica

Facebook’s silly new security measures at work….to hinder work.

I’m on a business trip in Costa Rica right now and ironically facebook shut me out of my own account….

Let me explain.

As I was passing time in the Charlotte Airport on Saturday before my flight out to Costa Rica I came across a rant by a friend about facebook’s security policies and making it difficult for business owners. I really didn’t give it much thought as I read about their new policy to help you secure your locations so that others won’t be able to sign in on your account and wreak havoc.

The point is to keep people out of your account and allow you to register a computer as one that you use. I didn’t think this would be a problem for me since I was traveling with my laptop and hoping to have internet in most places we were visiting. But sure enough day one and the internet in the room was down. Though it wasn’t a problem to use the computer in reception for some simple work, and quick email checks. Facebook was an entirely different story.

When I tried to pull up facebook just to do a little catch up, it decided to employ its new security measures and asked me to identify “Friends” in pictures that it randomly chose from the 502 people I network with on facebook.

Hello! I use facebook not only to keep in touch with friends and family and reconnect with old high school friends but I also use it to network with countless real estate professionals. I can’t identify them in some picture from a family vacation or bungy jumping off a bridge? And even some of my best friends don’t look easily identifiable in a blurry picture with 5 people hanging around them that I’d never know in a million years. Are you kidding me?

So I was denied access to my own account.

Come on facebook! You must know that we use this for business and you must know there are some pretty crappy pictures online.

Good idea in theory, but as it seems with most facebook roll-outs, they aren’t very thought out. And most of the time they seem to miss the mark.