Upcoming Lasso Webinar September 22nd – Hiring A Unicorn

While my last post about the conference let you in on a little bit about me and live speaking in front of an audience, I’m pretty excited about the upcoming webinar with Lasso where I get to talk about hiring OSCs and what to look for in that unicorn.

I really do believe that making sure you have the right person in that role is half the battle. It’s not the whole battle, but it definitely makes a difference. All too often you can end up with a less than stellar OSC program because you haven’t taken the time to hire right. Especially since the onset of this pandemic.

Some builders scrambled to implement the program and put someone in place when everything shifted to online appointments. While I’ve heard and seen success stories – both those I’ve been a part of and those that I’ve heard about, I’ve also seen a few flops.  And those flops happen for various reasons. I rank hiring the right person as a huge priority in building a strong online sales program. You can have all the tools and training in place and if someone doesn’t hire the right skills and abilities to adopt the tools and training, you are swimming up stream in a heavy current. (been there, done that trying to clear a fouled prop in 60 degree water… it’s no fun.)

In my upcoming webinar – Hiring a Unicorn: Finding the Right OSC September 22nd at Noon EST with ECI/Lasso I’ll be talking about:

  • The qualities and skills that set an OSC apart from any other role in your company
  • Interviewing tips and tricks to find that Unicorn
  • How to set your Unicorn up for success

While you may finally realize having an OSC is not an option, it still matters how you set the program up.