And The Winner Is….Great Design and Attentive Customer Service

And the winner is……

After 5 days and over 200 submissions from all over the world, I chose my logo. By running a contest through a crowdsourcing website called I found that it wasn’t only the design that won the race.

It was also customer service. Something I wasn’t expecting at all when I decided to hold a contest to create my Blue Gypsy, Inc. logo.

Kristen, the designer of my logo, not only submitting an idea, but also exhibiting key elements that are part of the process of an Online Sales Consultant.

1) She asked questions.
2) She made adjustments and really figured out what I needed, even when I wasn’t completely sure what that was.
3) She continually followed up to make sure I was still happy.
4) She was not pushy, but she was confident that she could meet my design needs.
5) And she asked for the close. She didn’t assume I was going to pick her, she asked for confirmation.

When it came down to it, not only did she capture the essence of something unique and different but she gave me the kind of service I strive to give in my business. It was pretty apparent that her values were right in line with mine, and thus it was a natural choice to do business with her.

She kept working to get it right, and she reminded me of…well…ME!