Passion: For WordPress, Websites, and Water Treatment

I love enthusiasm! I’m actually pretty excited because I’ve caught some amazing energy from Valerie Cudnik, the owner of Computer Design Graphics.

I’ve been waffling on my website for Blue Gypsy, Inc, and Valerie is propelling me forward toward getting it up and running. I know I need to get cracking because is my online office, but I’ve been in a quandary about the idea of paying lots of money to have someone design a website. Since I really wasn’t sure what I wanted, how could I pick a designer? What if I didn’t like what they created…and I’d already committed to spending all that money?

I had the same dilemma recently with my logo and I turned to a crowdsourcing website, There I was lucky enough to connect up with Kristen Cherry of Cherry Tree Designs. Kristen got inside my head and designed the perfect logo for me! But what was I going to do for the website? People keep telling me, “just design it on WordPress, they have tons of plugins and themes to work not just as a blogging platform, but as a website too.” But I’m not a designer and my eyes start to glaze over when I’m trying to understand how to put it all together and it takes me hours.

Timing is everything. Just as I was running the contest for my logo, Social Media Club Virginia Beach hosted an event on WordPress plugins. And Valerie was a speaker! When we broke out into smaller groups she began demystifying the process of using WordPress as a website platform. I could tell from her enthusiasm for WordPress that I’d found the right person to help me out of my website woes.

I actually learned long ago how important it is to find people with passion for their work. These are the people who are the best resources along a path of learning, doing and growing both your business and your self. At the time I was working for an environmental education sailboat in Bivalve New Jersey, the A.J. Meerwald when I had an “ah-ha” moment about how important it is to have excitement for what you do.

As part of our training about the watershed we went to visit a water treatment plant. I was so amazed by how much enthusiasm the water treatment manager had about the smelly job of recycling water. His passion for the subject made me realize there are people in the world that just go through the motions (I certainly never could have muster the passion for water treatment) and then there are people who truly enjoy what they do and carry an aura of positive energy with them that encompasses every aspect of their being. By the time we left the plant I was like, “Wow water treatment rocks!”

When given the choice, I’d pick working with someone like that any day. And that’s the kind of energy Valerie brings to the table, not only is she going to help me with my website, but she’s teaching me a few things as well.

I don’t feel glazed over about my website anymore. I’m ready to dive into WordPress and get my feet wet.