Online Sales Counselor Recognition – National Silver Winners

Award winning online sales counselorsBeing an online sales counselor is hard work. They are the unsung heroes and vital team members in lead development and conversion. And the thing about these unicorns is that one of the things that makes them so successful is that they usually are not one to brag about themselves. While online sales counselors are often the face of the websites, much of what they do happens behind the scenes and they almost always like it that way.

There are a couple times a year when there’s an opportunity for public recognition. (When they work with me they get praise all the time!) The thing is, there are SOOOO many amazing OSC’s that deserve recognition but so few awards opportunities. I challenge more and more builders to give in-house awards, and enter your OSCs in local awards at your local home builder’s association!

As the International Builders Show (IBS) rolls around in February where the National Gold Winners will be announced, we get a sneak peek at the NAHB’s Nationals Silver Award winners. I’m proud to have trained two of the silver winners. Sandy Barsiq at Keystone Homes in Augusta, Georgia is in the running for Gold for Online Sales Counselor of the year, and Tyler Grundmeier of Hubbell Homes in Des Moines, Iowa is in the running for Gold in the Online Sales Counselor, Rookie of the Year category.

Congratulations to these two rock stars, and all the silver award winners in the 3 OSC categories. And an additional shout out to the rest of the nominees. You’ve all worked hard this year!