Anti Social On My Social Networks

I find it ironic that a large part of my business is helping other companies with social networking as part of their lead management and interactions.

I currently teach companies how to target their message while not selling. Socialize, while not bombarding people with their product through social networking tools. I help companies search out groups and followers that will be the right place to interact with on the web. I write and or edit blogs for targeted markets, and I even do some twitter and facebook updating for certain clients. I create and send eblasts as well. Generally I help people come up with a plan to interact, and then a follow up plan for when people begin to communicate.

I evaluate websites and help companies see they need more calls to action, more ways to interact with traffic they drive to their site, and more ways to drive traffic to their site.

Yet when it comes time to do all this for my own company, I tend to allow it to fall by the wayside. It’s a case of the shoemaker’s children having no shoes. I’m on facebook, twitter, linkedIn and wordpress all day long for clients. I’m in Vertical Response, Constant Contact, and Buildtopia all day long. I work with an amazing team to help build economical websites for small and new businesses.

And yet I haven’t updated my own website in over a year, I barely tweet, I haven’t sent out an eblast for Blue Gypsy Inc. in ages nor updated the business page, and I’ve got writers block when it comes to blogging.

I need to hire a company like Blue Gypsy Inc.

The irony.