Does Facebook Rage Exist?

What are your thoughts? Do you think that with the growth and popularity of facebook there is now something called facebook rage?

Yes I’ve coined this term myself…though I googled it and I found this in the Urban Dictionary: When a person getting angry at another person for interrupting their Facebook time…this isn’t what I’m talking about. Yes the bad sentence structure is in the urban dictionary. I’d have said when a person “gets” not “getting”.

But this is not the facebook rage I’m talking about. I’m talking about when you read stupid stuff and it gets you mad and then you experience the same feelings when some idiot cuts you off on the highway. (Yep I have road rage too) There’s so much stupid stuff out there. And it’s not just in your friends’ feeds, it’s in the way the news is reported as well.

I recently commented on a news organization reporting something. All I said was “really reaching for news.” The news organization responded “have a nice day Leah.” Hmmm do I read that as, middle finger in the air, have a nice day Leah? It’s just an odd response….but then someone else follows with, Really, Leah? Hardly “reaching” for news.

So the article in question was about the routine fly around that the first lady’s plane had to make while they cleared another plane off the runway….really. All of a sudden “John” made it into an I must hate the Obama administration for thinking it was not news worthy.

But the fact is, that all the accounts I heard YESTERDAY was that this is routine, the first lady was never in danger, and the only reason it is making the news at all is because the first lady was on the plane. If they reported this every time it happened for us common folks on planes there would be a huge fear of flying.

Yes I don’t dispute the fact that there have been some near miss incidents lately and the FAA is under fire to take a look at how they are staffing air traffic controllers. But I think this is another case of the 24 hour news cycle making a mountain into a molehill.

But here’s where the facebook rage comes in. So “John” has his panties in a bunch. But then “Drew” writes, “To bad the president wasn’t on there and it crashed”…first off, someone should educate this man. Not just because of his poor sentence structure, and incorrect use of the word to, but also for the inappropriateness of his statement.

Just because you can say anything on facebook, doesn’t mean you should. It’s these kinds of things that start to get people inflamed. Hence facebook rage.