Having an Abundance Mindset

Speaking with Kimberly Mackey this month about having an abundance mindset and how you can utilize this in your daily life both personally and professionally was such an uplifting experience.

Over the past few years as I’ve grown my business a few concepts from abundance resonate with me. One of my favorites is it’s not pie. It’s not like because one person gets a slice there is less for you. That’s so true in the world of new home building. We know that sales is a competition. And we don’t want to take the warrior our of our salespeople. But it’s also important to create balance in your life so that you can do better and be better. It’s good to strive for more. But make sure you realize it’s not at the expense of others getting less.

Not only is this important in my training, but also in my own conditioning for my business. There are a lot of wonderful trainers and ideas out there on how to set up online sales counselor programs. And we all approach it a little bit differently. One person’s style of coaching and training may appeal while someone else’s may not. And that changes for each and every builder. There is enough to go around.

If you missed my Head to Head talk with Kimberly Mackey at New Homes Solutions.  Please take the time to listen here!

I hope you get some wonderful takeaways.