Insomnia Plus Creativity Lights a Viral Spark

Sometimes insomnia can be a good thing.

Many creative people are up in the wee hours of the morning working on projects and ideas. lately I’ve had so many ideas and projects floating around my head, I find it hard to sleep.

Recently one of my mentors sent me a twitter DM saying, “You do not sleep because you are full of ideas that have feet attached to them.”

So it was no surprise that when my friend Sonya Schweitzer AKA SocialSonya, posted a free cool tool, Google Search Stories, all the night owls were off and running. Sonya’s post took on a viral nature as people created stories about themselves, their businesses, and their interests all easily found on Google.

This is what Sonya posted which got us all off and running.

As soon as I saw the video my reaction was, “Wow that’s COOL!” I want to make one! And of course I followed the information to the free program to make one, or two, okay maybe three of my own!

Here’s my favorite!

But then my next question was…okay very cool, here’s my 35 seconds of fame but how can I use it? Well here are just a few ideas I came up with:

  1. Intro to other YouTube videos for your company or brand
  2. Add it to an email you are sending to introduce yourself or your business
  3. Use it as part of an overall email marketing campaign
  4. Punch some life into a static website
  5. It’s fun at parties “Hey look at me…”

Okay so these are just a few ideas off the top of my head, but how would you use it?