My Twitter Stream: One Long Game Of Foursquare

My local twitter stream is turning into one big foursquare stream….

The other day a friend of mine said, now you have an iphone it’s your obligation to use every form of social media out there. I know she was totally kidding, but I do think that this foursquare is a bit over kill.

I used to go to my twitter stream to look for great articles, news happening, and to have a few conversations. But now it seems like the majority of what I see is, “I’m here, I’m there….”

As of today I’m still a 4 square hold out. I don’t get the thrill… if I want to let you know where I am I can without logging in on 4 square and I don’t need to tell you where I am 6 times a day.

And if I did, I’d be mayor of my couch as I sit here working.