13 Years… So Much Has Changed

It’s funny. If you had told me I’d be doing Blue Gypsy Inc. for 13 years, my first response would have been, “I spent 13 years traveling around the world, I can’t imagine spending 13 more owning my own business, and not getting out on any adventures.” Little did I know what an adventure owning my own business would be.

From the beginning I knew I was going to be an active participant in the home building industry… after all, I spent 4 years prior to starting Blue Gypsy Inc. in the sales side of new homes. First as a site assistant, then as a licensed realtor turned Online Sales Counselor.

But it was only supposed to be temporary…

When I first became an OSC it was supposed to be short-term while a new community with the builder opened. But then the downturn of 2008 hit, and I was showing them tangible results and contributing to 32% of overall sales at a time where OSCs were thought to be able to be about 20-25% of overall sales. I developed a tracking system, and appointment setting system, and (while I joke that it was put together with bubble gum and duct tape), a follow up system. Little did I know that this would be the foundation for my own company.

Back when I was an OSC, social media marketing was a new thing, and websites were only just beginning to realize the full potential as lead generation magnets.

Now as I get reminders, and messages from people congratulating me on 13 years in business with Blue Gypsy Inc., I think of the transformation of my business. What started out as being a remote OSC for new home builders, as well as a social media manager, and content creator for builder related businesses on Facebook and blogs. Now, I’m a dedicated trainer and consultant doing what I love, online Sales Program creation, strategy, auditing, hiring, training, and coaching. Each facet is different, yet necessary for a successful online sales program.

As I begin my 14th year in business, I am still excited, motivated, and inspired to help my clients create the best possible programs and customer engagement as possible.  I was so honored to see two of my past trainees up for OSC awards at the Nationals this year, and to have the unexpected pleasure of collecting the gold award for Courtney Schmitter, well deserved winner of Rookie of the Year.

Stay tuned for new offerings from Blue Gypsy Inc. this year as we continue to find ways to help builders and their OSCs be the best that they can be. In the immortal words of S. Robert August, “Onwards and Upwards.” For 2023.