No More Mad Dashes: And That’s No Bull

No more mad dashes to the office.

Well, my office is only upstairs, but whenever I heard the phone ring I was off and running. Nothing like answering the phone breathlessly, “May I help you.” Unless of course your business is an adult chat line. But mine’s not.

When I started up Blue Gypsy Inc, I knew one of the important aspects was to be able to answer the phone with the name of the builder or business I was representing. I did my research and found that 8×8 a voice over IP system was just what I needed. I was looking for several key feature:

  • I wanted to be able to create a separate voice mail for each line or business
  • I wanted to be able to forward the phone numbers to my cell
  • When forwarded I wanted to be able to see which business was being called
  • I wanted to be sure it did not go to my cell phone voice mail if I missed the call
  • I wanted to have the ability to add lines as I get more clients
  • I didn’t want it to break the bank!

And that’s what I found! 8×8 does all that and more. And each time I add a virtual line it doesn’t cost me much and I have the ability to call all over the United States, the Caribbean, some parts of Europe and so much more at a flat monthly rate. (Far less than my cell phone costs and less than most land lines)

But I think the very best part about it’s amazing customer service. If you read my blog at all you probably know two things about me, I’m not very technically savvy….but I’m trying to get better. And, my belief that customer service is the cornerstone of any great business. Well, I’m convinced, after spending about 2 hours on the phone with Hugo yesterday to get everything set up precisely how I need it in order to be able to run my business from ANYWHERE, that I chose the right company to handle the telephone side of my business. If not for the fact that they all have a sense of humor, personality and empathy when they deal with me and my problems.

This phone system is one of the tools that makes my new business much more user friendly and streamlined. And with the added bonus of easy forwarding I don’t have to make a mad dash every time I hear the phone ring.