What is Blue Gypsy, Inc.?

Blue Gypsy, Inc. is my newest business endeavor. After 4 years of working in the field of lead management for New Home Builders as an Online Sales Consultant (OSC) I’m starting my own business. Blue Gypsy Inc. coming early 2010 will offer professional lead management services for builders and real estate professionals.

But where does the name come from?

Many people who’ve known me for a long time are familiar with my gypsy wandering soul. For 13 years I traveled around the world on adventures: backpacking through colorful countries, sailing on the deep blue sea and scuba diving below those same azure waters. My gypsy_leah email address has always been an appropriate title, and one people have come to identify with me. My twitter handle too is descriptive of this gypsy girl, @gypsealeah. (It’s got the gypsy and the ‘sea’ in it!) And now you can follow @bluegypsyinc as well!

Whenever people hear about my travels, they wonder how I ended up in Real Estate and not continuing my adventures.

Four years ago, after a shoulder injury, I settled back on land and began working in the real estate industry. My first job was as an assistant in New Homes for a small builder out of Maryland building 3 communities in Gloucester and Deltaville Virginia. Nearly three years ago I moved down to the Norfolk/Virginia Beach area to work as an OSC for Chesapeake Homes. One of the largest local builders in the Tidewater Area.

It sounds crazy after the adventurous life I’ve led, but I love helping people make one of the most important and expensive decisions of their lives. I think people who meet me online, over the phone, and in person, know that I’m genuinely excited about assisting them. While I work for the builder, I’m really there to help the prospective home owner to the best of my abilities. By doing my job right, everyone wins.

I’ve seen much success building relationships with online clients, assisting in narrowing their home searches to the right communities and home types, and have seen a higher than national average in turning appointments to sales for the builder.

National statistics say that 20%-25% of sales for a builder should come from the OSC however for the past 2 years I’ve averaged from 29-32% Annually.

I’ve even seen as high as 42% in some quarters.

I attribute my success to a number of personality traits and work ethics that I bring to the table. Many of those traits come from years of working on sail boats, and patiently teaching scuba diving to teenagers. I’m used to working 24 hours a day 7 days a week. (even when you are off watch on a boat, you are still working) I’ve been known to answer emails as late as 1 am and people are so thrilled to receive an immediate response.

Statistics say that if contact is not made with a sales inquiry within 5 minutes of reception you are 100 times less likely to turn over the lead.

But the real key is consistent persistent follow-up. Both before the appointment, and after. Not every lead turns into a sale immediately. And that’s the key as an OSC: holding on to that lead even after they’ve visited the site and seeing the process through as a team member with the site agents.

I have many strengths to bring to the table with Blue Gypsy, Inc. for both builder partners and real estate professionals. I’m excited to get started with Blue Gypsy, Inc. in 2010 to share my skills and enthusiasm for lead management.