Lead Conversion Optimization: Lead a Horse To Water…And Make Them Drink

My previous blog post talked about developing a system to manage your leads. If you generate leads and then do not have a systematic way to deal with them, you might as well not have paid to generate the leads.

Darin Persinger of Productivity Junkies has some great insights in the following video into the topic of Lead Conversion Optimization.

The fact is you can’t convert a lead if you don’t have a system. But more importantly you can’t implement your system if you aren’t optimizing your website to interact with your target buyer who will then inquire and allow you to implement your system. Take a look at Darin’s tips and tricks to optimize lead generation for a real estate website. Traffic to your website is no good without lead generation, people actually asking for information. Darin talks about ways to increase your ability to interact with the traffic you drive to your site.

As he indicates, SEO is fine and good, you need to drive traffic to your website, but if there is not a reason for them to interact with you, you’ve spent money leading the horse to water, but you haven’t made them drink. Once they begin drinking, you need that system to then convert the prospect into a sale.

At the end of the day it is still not about quantity but quality, however the more leads you drive to your site, the more leads you should be able to get to communicate with you. You do still want some volume. It’s not likely that if 5 people visit your site, all 5 people will inquire. It still holds true that you need to have some SEO to drive traffic to your site. But make sure you know what to do with them, once you get them there.