Addressing Under Performance in OSC Programs

In our most recent Annual Homebuyer Mystery Shop Report it was disheartening to see that 4 OSCs never followed up. This points to significant issues within some OSC programs. While there are builders out there that know they need Online Sales Counselors they don’t always know how to set the program up successful, manage it properly, and create the proper expectations and oversight.

These results don’t mean that OSCs need to be micromanaged, but it’s important to first know if your program isn’t at its optimal performance and next figure out how to improve it. Such lapses can lead to missed sales opportunities, poor customer satisfaction, and potential damage to the builder’s reputation.

This doesn’t mean you don’t need an OSC program, it means you haven’t implemented it properly.

Strategies for Enhancing OSC Performance

  1. Regular Audits and Performance Reviews: Builders should implement regular audits and performance reviews to monitor OSC activities and effectiveness. This helps in identifying non-performing areas and allows for timely interventions.
  2. Proper Program Set Up and Expectations: Has your OSC been trained at all? Or were they just thrown into the role with a computer and a dream? Do you have an idea of what your OSC should be doing day to day? Do they? Make sure to set up proper expectations, goals, and achievable benchmarks.
  3. Reinforcement of Training: Continuous training should be emphasized, focusing not only on skills development but also on the importance of consistent follow-up and customer engagement strategies.
  4. Compensation Programs: Is your compensation program set up properly? Establishing the right bonus structures can motivate OSCs to perform at their best. These bonuses should be linked key performance indicators like appointment conversion metrics and appointment to sale metrics.
  5. Technology and Tools: Providing OSCs with advanced tools and technologies such as CRM systems, automated messaging platforms, and analytics tools can enhance their efficiency and capability in managing customer relationships effectively.
  6. Cultural Shifts: Sometimes, under-performance may be due to a lack of prioritization from the top. Cultivating a customer-centric culture within the organization can drive better performance and commitment from the OSCs.

By addressing these aspects, builders can significantly improve the performance of their OSC programs, ensuring that all OSCs not only meet but exceed the expected standards of customer engagement and follow-up.