Blue Gypsy Inc Doesn’t do “CRM Implementation,” We Teach “CRM Strategy”

CRM is not an option when it comes to online sales for new home buildersWell, you know that old story, “If you give a man a fish he eats for a day, if you teach a man to fish, he can feed his whole village.”

That’s how we feel about CRM implementation. There’s no doubt about it, CRM is complex. And there are SOOOOO many of them out there. They all have different features and ways to get to the same thing. When I think of the builders I work with, I can think of at least 5 CRMs off the top of my head, and yet there are even more. And you can set up the same CRM in multiple ways. It all depends on what you are trying to get out of your CRM.

Your Online Sales Counselor (OSC) should be the expert in CRM. And the best place to learn about a CRM isn’t from me, but directly from the CRM provider. As much as I bring to the table for builders, keeping up with every change and update on 5-10 CRM’s across the board, isn’t the best use of my time, or your money… especially when most CRMs have an implementation team*.  What I can do is talk to you and your OSC about strategies to get the most out of your CRMs and what you need to do to succeed, but part of the “fun” of a new CRM is digging in and learning it yourself.

When we work with a new home builder, we look at your current CRM and give you the pros and cons of what you are working with. We tell you the things your OSC needs in a CRM to make it useful and effective in lead capture and conversion. We help you realize what you need your CRM for and how to best set it up for success. But we don’t do it for you. We talk you through the strategy of CRM, the cadence, the diversification of touch-points, and the importance of writing your own follow-up.

As a professional copy writer, I could write your email templates… but it wouldn’t have the same feel as your own OSC personalizing the email templates into their voice. And let’s be honest, they would sound canned, and your buyers would know it.

Instead, we teach your OSC how to write content with strong calls to action, and how to position them for the most success. We talk about everything from lead sources, ratings, and follow up processes, and how they need to differ in different situations.

We connect you with the resources within your CRM to get the most training and knowledge so that you can be the expert in your company and feed your village. If you are coming to a company for CRM implementation, the implementation that is provided by the company itself should be helpful, and shouldn’t just set things up for you, but should teach you how to continue to do it yourself.

A third party isn’t needed for CRM implementation. A strong understanding of what you are trying to achieve is invaluable.

*Every CRM that I would recommend from the best to the worst should have its own in-house support and training. At least one popular CRM relies on implementation partners. Which really means that when the “Implementation company” gets you on that CRM platform they hopefully know how to set you up for success, but they ALSO get a kickback from the company for getting you on their platform. I will not refer a tech tool or any service or provider for money – I only refer based on my faith in a program, product, or person. If a company is set on a software that requires 3rd party implementation, or is strongly looking into one that requires one, I will make recommendations, but I will not take a kickback from that company, and I will make sure my clients have the best implementation specialists out there.  It’s not us! We strategize with you, we don’t set it up. And we don’t make passive income on your tools.