Bridging the Gap Between Digital Marketing and Your Online Sales Team

Online Sales can’t happen in a bubble. There are two areas where an online sales counselor does not have control of the customer journey and the sales process. The first is at the very start which is generating the leads. The last is at the very end which is closing the deal. This is why I often say online sales is the crossroads between marketing and sales.

When implementing an online sales program the most successful programs have strong communication with the marketing department, as well as with the sales department. The OSCs should be aware of what sort of marketing channels are being utilized, what marketing messages are being generated, and what marketing campaigns and pushes are on the horizon. The more cohesive the relationship between marketing and online sales, the higher the ROI and more relevant the metrics are from lead generation to sales.

It’s because of this important relationship that I am so interested and engaged with many of the marketing departments that work with my builders. My background in advertising and communication from Boston University is just one of the many facets that help me dive into and understand not just the sales side of the building industry but the marketing side and what drives the marketing message.

This strong link between marketing and online sales is one of the reasons I’m a huge advocate of attending the Digital Marketing Summit in Phoenix that’s quickly approaching January 21-22. This is where some of the great minds in the building industry come together to discuss the latest tools, ideas, and ways to engage customers in their digital exploration of the new home building industry.

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