How Do You Set Up a Professional Online Sales Program?

taking a big step toward setting up your online sales counselor program for new home buildersFor smaller builders adding a new person to their team is a big step. So it’s important to start it out on the right foot. A professionally and properly implemented OSC program will convert digital traffic into appointments for onsite agents but it’s more than just a call center. The key factors in setting up the program is to implement it with proper process, competence, and to resist short cuts.

Proper Process – There needs to be a true understanding of the program. There is lots of literature out there that can create a sense of urgency along with a lack of understanding. It is important to be informed on every aspect of the program from setting up your lead generation and CRM for success, to hiring the correct person and training them for the job.

Competence – There are a lot of ideas on how to create an online sales program. But making sure that the key factors are considered from who to hire as an OSC, to what their responsibilities are, and how they are compensated will be the foundation for a well-honed and successful online sales program.

Resist Short Cuts – It’s all too easy to hire a “salesperson” hand them a computer and phone and say, “have at it!” Meanwhile trying to get the most bang for the buck and overloading an OSC with tasks that are unrelated to the success of an online sales program. It’s important to start up the program properly which does not always mean in the cheapest, fastest way. A professionally implemented Online Sales Program may mean hiring an expert to assist you. No amount, of seminars, blogs and videos are a replacement for true experience and proven results. Vet your consultants to assist you in this process just as you would vet an interior designer to set up your model, a graphic designer to set up your website, and a salesperson to man your models.