Realtors: Should You Push Your Listings on Facebook and Twitter?

Are twitter and facebook the best places to push out your listings? If all I ever did was talk about my travels around the world, people would shut their ears, roll their eyes, and walk away.

If people can’t identify with what you are doing they tend to filter it out. The same goes for listings on facebook and twitter.

I’ve noticed one local brokerage puts out listings only on twitter, and they do it in bunches, which makes it easy to skip over everything they write. Nothing catches my eye because they are only posting listings.

I know they sell houses, they are a brokerage. So tell me why I want to buy houses from you. What kinds of services do you offer…other than selling houses? About 50% of the people I follow sell houses so how are you different?

Should you post listings on facebook and twitter? I say no….and yes. But you have to know the right way to do it, the right time to do it and the right quantity. I’m writing this post because I follow a number of builders, brokers, and real estate agents. While yes, I am an affiliated business, I am also a consumer. And certain aspects about pushing listings feel like spam to me.

I don’t think the majority of home shoppers go to twitter and facebook to view listings. I think they are there to socialize, especially in the case of facebook. And while there is a social aspect to twitter, it is also a place to go for articles, current events, new ideas and networking. I don’t often go there to look for things to buy. And that includes homes.

If you do indeed have buyers following you, they do so because they want to learn more about who you are. They want to know if your company has a philosophy. Does it have a personality? Does it have good information? Is it funny and fun? Is it serious and professional? They want to know why they should buy from you, not what you are selling.

If I want to buy things (other than homes) I go to Craigslist,, ebay, or the website that will most likely carry the item I’m looking to purchase. (This goes for homes)

Facebook and twitter are there to build a rapport with your potential buyer, not push your products down their throats 24-7. As you build relationships people will naturally be curious about what you sell and what you do.

Does this mean you can never post a listing or anything about what you are selling? Of course not! But you need to do it in a way that is appealing.

Here are just a few ideas on how to put your listings out without it feeling like you are pushing your listings at me:

  • Check out this video of our brand new listing 4 blocks from the beach!
  • Isn’t this a beautiful view for your next new home?
  • Only 3 homes left in the last phase of (insert community name here) if you know anyone looking for a new home let me know! I’m here to help.
  • I have 3 wonderful families who have just signed me on to list their houses, if you know anyone looking for a new home send them to this link (insert link here)
  • Hey friends, I know you know I’m a real estate agent, but did you know that (x) number of my last listings have sold in (y) number of days or less? If you have friends who are trying to sell there homes I’d be glad to see what I can do!
  • We have the best selection of homes located minutes from (insert point of interest here) the if you, or anyone you know is looking tell them to check out this link.
  • I’m off to show an amazing home today in the $230’s. Check out this virtual tour!
  • Know anyone looking for a home in (insert area name here) ? I’ve got several ready to go between (insert price range)
  • Look at these amazing pictures I just took at my new listing!
  • Wouldn’t you like to call this your next home? (insert picture here)

Okay it’s obvious I can go on, and on and on. When I see listings like this, even though I’m not even shopping for a new home, I’m more likely to click the link and may even find that I know someone that might be interested.

So can you use twitter and facebook to post your listings….sometimes. As long as it’s not the only thing you talk about.

If you only ever talk about the same thing in the same way on twitter or facebook you are so easily tuned out and you won’t even know it. Just like the local broker I follow on twitter. If all I ever did was talk about my travels around the world, people would roll their eyes and walk away. But if I save the tidbits for the right moment then it catches people’s attention.