The Power of Positive Energy and an Abundance Mindset

As we discuss collaboration, positive energy, and having a mindset of abundance – it’s important that we don’t just use these as buzz words but that we actually live in it and cultivate this mindset and energy not just in ourselves but for others.

Most people who know me, know I’m a firm believer in energy, and our ability to utilize that energy to achieve our goals and create an abundance mindset. What most people don’t know is that the foundation for this was created over 30 years ago, and began even earlier in my life.

Back in my freshman year of college I was introduced to the I-Ching in a course on Cultural Anthropology. For those unfamiliar with this ancient tome of wisdom, it is a Chinese divination text and it’s used as the book of wisdom. By casting yarrow sticks or coins 6 times you build a 6-line hexagram which correlates with the 64 different descriptions in the I-Ching. Often these are written like parables and can appear cryptic. Each line of the hexagram is either broken yin energy, or unbroken yang energy. This book intrigued me.

By my senior year I decided to ask this divination tool, “What was my life’s purpose?” I then threw my coins and came up with the 6 unbroken lines of the first hexagram. Ch’ien – The Creative. Sometimes called Creative Power. It signifies in its purest form the power of positive energy.

At the time, and still to this day, this hexagram resonated with me. It was all about the manifestation of energy. Not only my own force but helping others to rise to their full potential. There were references to eliminating self-doubt and insecurities. Propelling yourself forward toward actualization and growth. Within creative power there is a message of inspiration for others.  But also, the hexagram warns to assess when the moment is right. Not being ego driven. Having patience. Delving into your own wellspring of energy. Choosing your path.

There are whole books written on the I-Ching and it is fascinating stuff.

I had the symbol tattooed on my right shoulder. It embodied the energy I wanted to remember while living my life.  I remember when I got my tattoo I said, “I will always have this so that when I lose track of my path, I can look over my shoulder and remember what it is I’m supposed to be doing.” Even today as I re-read what the symbol means 32 years after initially finding it, it still resonates and fills me up with positive creative energy to help other people reach their full potential.

The energy you put out into the world attracts the people you want to work with, do business with, and create wonderful things. This is especially true when we approach everything with a mindset of abundance. Don’t just give abundance and energy lip service. Live in it. I look over my should and remind myself of this all the time.

Creative Power “Cast away from yourself all random interference and unorganized trivia.” – I-Ching