Do You Understand What A Facebook Page Admin Is?

Key Points to Facebook Fan Pages:

  • Multiple administrators are important in case a personal account gets shut down
  • The fan page is not tied to the personal account that has set up the page unless they are the only admin
  • Your business should always be a page and not personal account with a business name
  • You should always be able to like a business not have to friend it
  • You can now change a name of a fan page vs. losing all your followers to create something new

Frankly people amaze me with their lack of understanding about what they are doing at times. And then others amaze me as far as how they will jump on a negativity band wagon.

facebookI follow a fb “Fan page” for a guy who is trying to find his lost dog. It has gathered momentum and has over 5000 followers…recently, for whatever reason, the person who has been administering the page, has decided to shut down his or her personal account. He is saying that he now has a new page that he wants all 5000 of his followers to “move over to.” The likelyhood of his message reaching all 5000+ of those people and having them all respond to his “call to action.” Are slim to none…

I mentioned on one of his posts that from a social media standpoint this is probably not a good idea. Others mentioned the same thing. Instead of taking the time to understanding that those of us who are saying don’t delete the current page are trying to help them, we have become the “haters” followed by all kinds of “hate speech” against those of us who are saying don’t delete it. People are saying, “Don’t tell them what to do.” “Do what you have to do and don’t listen to people who are telling you, you must keep this page.” “Ignore the haters who are telling you not to do what you need to do.” “Just be supportive and let them do what they need to do.” Really? What? Strange…

So I just tried (most likely unsuccessfully) to tell the administrator and the haters that there is no need to shut down the page just because you want to shut down the account. My comment was: “I don’t think you are getting it. The people who are saying it’s a bad idea to change the page are not trying to be negative or non-supportive they are saying that you do not lose a fb fan page if there are other admins even if the original page was created by you and you delete your fb personal account. If someone new was made an admin, and you then deleted your fb account the page would live on.

As a social media marketer, I create fb fan pages for clients all the time and once they are up and running I remove myself from admin and the page does not delete…nor would it delete if I closed my account… the thing here that people are concerned with is you have over 5000 followers, they are not all going to transition to a new page. So you will potentially lose that reach from a sm standpoint that is not so good… (I really don’t get why people think that when someone is trying to explain it to you that they are haters….so silly)”

Anyway, make sure you understand the ramifications of your actions as you change details about your fan pages. You want your followers to keep following it, you want them to be able to find it, and there is no need to take down a fan page and start something new for the same thing. You lose your momentum.