Quicky Cute Christmas Story…I mean Social Media Story…

Okay so this time of year I become obsessed with these cute hard to find ornaments that are no longer in production. Yes these Opus n’ Bill ornaments are goofy and they make me smile.

They remind me of the little kid inside that loves cartoons and comic books. My boyfriend actually got me hooked on them, he’s the biggest little kid with his Lego’s, love of opus, and if you’ve never seen a Wish for Wings that Work… well you’re missing one of the essential Christmas Movies, and I never would have known about it without Chris in my life.

When Chris and I met he actually had a couple of these guys, so I started looking for them as “gifts” for him…it soon became apparent that I was…uh…shopping for myself. And it entertains him since my father is a huge hoarder of “collectible” stuff, but I’ve never succumbed to the disease until Opus n’ Bill happened into my life.

I know it’s a bit of a disease because there were only 18 different ornaments made, for some mysterious reason they stopped. And I have to have them ALL! But now many of them are rare. While I only need 5 more of them, they happen to be the ones that get bid up the highest on ebay.

Sorry but as much as I love them, there’s no way I’m paying $100’s of dollars for a Christmas ornament. (After all I am Jewish!)

Well, in searching for information on Opus Ornaments, and believe me I search all over the place for these things, I came across this blog, and a little bit of celebrity in Wendy Fedan. In my eyes anyway. Let me back up. I’ve seen this blog post before Farewell To Opus and Bill – My Personal Heroes But there are a lot of people who show collections of their ornaments etc. This time I finally read the full post and realized that Wendy was one of the Ornament Designers!! What a cool job!

So I wrote a comment on her blog.
You designed the opus n bill ornaments? I LOVE those!!! How many were made do you know? I have 13 of them and wish there was a way to get the last 5 (I think there are only 18 but if I’m wrong please let me know!) And if you have a secret stash…. : )

And she wrote back! It’s kind of like when Chris Brogan writes you back or Adventure Girl writes you back! This was an actual designer of my favorite little Christmas treats.

Then I found her on facebook, I sent her a friend request so she could see my collection. And she commented on that!

Anyway, it was a very cool connection that I never would have made if it weren’t for social media. I mean I wouldn’t have bumped into Wendy in line at the bank.

Who would you like to meet through social media? What’s your Social Media Christmas story?