What Does Auditing Your Online Sales Counselor Program Mean for New Home Builders?

If you’ve had an online sales counselor program for a while, or you are thinking of starting one up, there are several types of audits we recommend you do in order to best assess the success of your program and decide whether or not it’s time to grow an existing program, revamp it, or start up a new program if you don’t already have online sales counselors.

360 Degree Assessments – This is a detailed assessment where we survey and interview everyone in the company that touches the OSC program from marketing to sales, to leadership and of course your OSC (or OSCs if you have a team.) This is not something that can happen over night, but the information we gain helps us see how your program is functioning, what the expectations are, and what needs to happen to improve it. You’d be surprised what people really think.

Website Assessments – Since your OSC is the keeper of your online model home, it’s important that we look at the website to see how your buyers are perceiving you and your company through your website. We look for various aspects of the website from calls to action, ease of use, design, speed, accessibility, and so much more. We dive into the customer experience and give you insight into your online lead generation.

Follow-Up Process Assessments  – You can’t generate leads without having strong follow up. If you aren’t going to contact your leads your flushing your marketing dollars down the drain. We look at your follow up processes and if and how they are actually being used.

Tools Assessments – It’s important to have a variety of ways to contact your prospective home buyers. Your CRM should be the foundational tool of everything you do. We do a tools evaluation to see what you are using, how they are integrated, what’s working and whats not, and what you may need to update or improve. This goes hand in hand with the follow-up assessment.

Metrics Assessments – Whether you have an online sales program or not, if you’ve done any kind of tracking we will look at your numbers and compare them to benchmarks and goals and help you look at your numbers with fresh eyes and a mind toward improvement.

Competitive Analysis – We look at how you stack up to your closest competitors online and and give you suggestions on how to stay out in front of your competition.

When you utilize the experience and expertise of Blue Gypsy Inc, you can improve your online sales programs by leaps and bounds. Training doesn’t happen in a bubble. Having the information on where we are starting and where we want to go, are crucial to a strong, functioning online sales program. For more information jump on my calendar for a