"What? You’re Not Following Me? I’m Going To Take My Toys and Go Home!"

I’ve been hovering around 940 followers on twitter for a month or so now. I follow about 920 tweeters. They are not all the same people. Yet every day there are several more twitter followers in my inbox. Still…the number keeps bouncing between 940-945.

For some people the above scenario would be annoying. They’d follow everyone who follows them to get their numbers up. And now with so many automated tools out there that will un-follow people who are not following you….well, I think it’s all kind of silly. If you follow someone, there should be a reason for it besides just getting your numbers up. It is a community interaction after all. If someone doesn’t follow you immediately and you are interested in what they have to say, try something crazy….like engaging them in a conversation, retweeting them, I’ve even had blog posts spin off of comments I’ve read on twitter. In my opinion DM’s would be highly ignored unless you really know a person…otherwise you think it’s just more spam in your in box.

I do laugh when I get followed than un-followed because I didn’t act quick enough. It’s kind of that “Fine you don’ t want to be my friend…then I’m going to take my toys and go home!” But most weeks I wait until Saturday to just wade through the people who have, for some reason or another, found me interesting. Maybe I’m just a pessimist with certain things, but I believe many of those twitterer’s in my inbox likely found me through their automated system. I said one word that got “its” attention, and they have no real care who I really am!

I’m not really sussed about the number of followers I have, as many people are, to me it will always be quality not quantity. Thanks one of the mantras by which I live my life.