2 Blogs, Or Not 2 Blogs…That is My Question 2 YOU!

Last night I attended “Entering the Blogosphere” at the Social Media Club Virginia Beach. Now of course if you are reading this blog, you know I already blog and you may know that I have two blogs!

Now here’s my dilemma, and I need some insight and feedback from you all if you are reading it, should I combine my two blogs?

Okay first, just so you know, the “Boss Chick” at Wave Marketing says I should combine them, that I shouldn’t dilute my readership by having two blogs. Good advice, but I feel like I have two different audiences and reasons for having two!

Here’s my rationale: When I started my first blog, Wanderings of a Wayward Online Sales Consultant, I wanted to write about my exploration into social media, compare it a bit to my previous travels and lessons learned, and also weave it with some information about being an online consultant. When I started blog number two, Random Gypsy Ramblings and Travel Tales the goal was to be able to…well…ramble! Mostly about travel and memories of all the places I spent my time in the past 15 years of backpacking sailing and diving.

The two seemed to have very different objectives, tones, and audiences. So here’s my question to you. Do you think I can effectively combine the two blogs and if so how would you suggest I do it?

@Socialsonya (The boss chick) already asked me which I like writing about more…The truth is I like both for different reasons!

I feel like travel was an important phase of my life and though I’m not past it, I’m not as actively traveling any more but I love writing about my experiences. Now though, I work in the land of business, shoes, and offices and feel that just maybe I have something to contribute in that land!

So give me your feedback! I’ll be waiting!