Embracing a Smart Phone: Removing My Head From The Sand

I’m finally stepped out of the dark ages…. I changed over to an iphone today. I’ve been waffling on this decision to move from a “dumb” phone to a “smart” phone for a while now.

It’s funny, I don’t mind change when it comes to traveling.

I love changing from country to country seeing new sights and experiencing new places. But I’ve never been a fan of technology. I don’t pick it up quickly so I’ve avoided as much change as possible when it comes to the electronic kind. When I traveled around the world I never upgraded past my manual Pentax K1000. I didn’t want to take the time to learn a new camera. I’ve been the same way when it comes to phones.

Forever and a day I’ve been an advocate of a phone being, just a phone. I’ve always said if you want to email me email me, don’t text me. In fact I hated texting so much I had it turned off on my phone. And using your phone to take pictures? I never understood why people wanted a camera on their phone. If I want to take a picture I’ve got my Pentax. To me a phone should be to talk on.

But as technology improves I grudgingly pull my head out of the sand and try to adapt. Just last year I bought a Nikon D60, and started to learn how to use a digital camera. Now that I’ve started Blue Gypsy, Inc. I know it’s time to make another technological leap. Soooo here I am…composing this entire blog on my iphone!

Nah…just kidding. Still on the computer for this. But seriously any suggestions on how to make the most of my iphone are greatly appreciated. Do you have favorite apps I should check out?