Hiring is a Value Driven Proposition: Adding New Online Sales Programs or Revamping Old Ones

Lately, as I have been helping builders hire online sales counselors – either growing their teams, starting new ones, or revamping old programs – we are not only matching the right skill sets that are needed to become an OSC (Hint, it’s not the same as your site sales people.) We also are making sure they will fit with the company culture.

My father taught me long ago that when your values align with the company you work with, you are able to maintain a long relationship with that company.  But if they do not align there will eventually be enough friction that will cause employees to burn out.

And that company culture comes from the top.

It’s not just something that is created in middle management, it’s something that has to come from the top of the company and needs to be checked to make sure it’s cohesive across every department.

A toxic element can permeate every department, and if it goes unchecked it can cause discord with in the company.

The goal of leadership should be to provide a united front.

When a company has strong values defined for their company and can coordinate that with the company’s overall goals, then the people you hire will need to match those values in order to create a team. This is very important for those front facing people who meet with prospects. In the building industry that’s your sales team and your online sales team among others. That’s why when I hire for a company I need to know who they are, before I can help them find the right hires. It really is a match making game in many ways making sure to find the right people for the unique role of an online sales counselor, and set up your online sales program.

Every time you add a new element or department to your company, it’s time to re-evaluate what is going on in all of your departments.

Things can get old and stagnant. We may not even realize when toxicity exists. It’s good not only to have your leaders evaluate their subordinates on a regular basis, but to also evaluate your company leaders. This can be done in a 360 degree evaluation. It’s not always easy to admit you have deficiencies and sometimes this can be a painful process. But it’s necessary for the ongoing development and growth of a company. It’s important to find out where lines of communication are breaking down. What the concerns of your employees really are. And how the company can continue to refine, define, and stick to their values.

Remember, people don’t quit companies, they quit bad bosses. It’s equally important to develop leadership and constantly take it’s temperature, along side growing your company and your online sales program.

If you’d like more on how to go about evaluating the company as you prepare to grow an online sales program reach out. I’d love to talk.