Not Created Equally: Find Your Unique Teacher, Coach or Social Media Advisor

Not all business coaches, consultants or social media “experts” are created equally. Much like a personal trainer focuses on the individual, so too do you need to find a business specialist that focuses on your business as if there is no other business out there just like yours.

Recently I started to go back to the gym to take classes with a trainer verses DVD’s at home. I just wasn’t meeting my goals and it was too easy for me to back out on the workout.

As someone who works from home, it would be easy to take just any class, with any instructor, but one of the reasons I joined this gym was because of the great things I’d heard about Erin Reilly. She’s a very motivational personal trainer who owns her own company called GYMRAZZ Inc. and teaches 5 days a week at Golds Gym.

I don’t know about you, but my experience with most gym exercise classes I’ve attended is that the instructors are upbeat perky women with dancey music saying lots of “Great job’s” “Your getting it’s” “And 4 more’s” By the end of the class, they didn’t pay much attention to the differences between the people in their class because they are there to do the moves. They give an over all workout for all levels so it’s not too hard, and it’s not too easy, it’s a middle of the road solution for getting people moving for an hour. That should be good enough right? Wrong.

The class I take is at 5:15 am. A Class not many instructors really want to take on. Yet Erin drives about 20 miles from the GYMRAZZ Studio 5 days a week on I95 (never pretty any time of the day) To teach.

There are no “Awesome’s” or “4 more’s” heard in this class. The first thing you notice when you enter this class is she asks you your name….and she uses it. The second thing you notice is that there’s no fluffy morning wake-up music. You quickly learn that if you are wearing pink, you are in trouble. And it’s very common to hear, “Twenty push-ups for crying.” “Twenty push-ups for talking.” What, your complaining to me? Add 10 more!” The other thing you get if you stay more than one or two classes and express a desire to be healthier is her book.

She gives you a book that not only gives you healthy eating tips but allows you to log all the food that you eat (which she looks at every morning and helps you adjust how you are eating) The other thing is that the book tells you about her journey, who she is and why she cares. These are things that sets an instructor apart from the rest. She is an individual and she understands each individual’s journey is different.

I tried taking the same class from other instructors. For the most part the movements are the same, I’m doing the same kind of exercise, for the same duration but there is definitely something missing. I don’t walk out of the class as energized and ready for my day…somehow I don’t feel as prepared. And I certainly don’t feel like somebody gave a damn whether I showed up or not.

Just as the instructors were teaching essentially the same moves, there is a huge difference in the impact it had on me and my desire to continue. This can be compared to choosing the right business consultant as well. There are a lot of people out there teaching the same stuff, telling you the same things, and regurgitating most of it right off the internet in the guise of helping your business.

Many newbie consultants, business coaches, and social media experts seem to be doing the same thing. They take the formula and apply it across the board. They don’t know the “names” so to speak and they think that as long as they go through the same motions, each business owner will have a positive experience.

It’s not that easy. It takes digging deep into each company and finding out what makes them tick in order to fix their particular pain. You can’t just say, get on facebook, twitter, linkedIn and start a YouTube channel. What works for one person in their daily workout and eating is different then the next person and so too are marketing solutions for businesses.

I’m not a marketer though I know a few things from life and work experience. But I do know that you can’t solve every problem with the same solution. It takes a unique teacher or consultant to make a difference in your business and in you.