Down To The Wire: Ready To Launch – Geekette’s Club March 24

It’s coming down to the wire! This time next week, we will be doing the final clean and moving to our new location in Northern Virginia. Hard to believe but so glad we live in such a mobile society.

When creating Blue Gypsy Inc, my goal was to set up a business that could be done from anywhere. Just the nature of Lead Management lends itself to our mobile society. I don’t need to be in one place to answer questions and set appointments, and as long as I have a solid system and adhere to that system the business succeeds.

But the truth of the matter is I couldn’t have gotten Blue Gypsy Inc off the ground without encouragement. I had the skills, the knowledge and the motivation, but by adding in encouragement, that was the catalyst to help move me forward into a new phase of life. From employee to business owner.

There are different levels of encouragement. There is the encouragement you get from your family, from your peers, and from your mentors. While there are many who fall into those categories for me, there is one person that stands out right now as she gets her own baby off the ground. My friend Sonya Schweitzer. Sonya helped push me out of my comfort zone to take a risk and start my own business.

Right now Sonya is embarking on an incredible business of her own called the Geekette’s Club. The Geekette’s Club is all about empowering women in technology and business.

It’s not only for business owners but for any woman who feels intimidated by technology, has a thirst for learning, and desires to grow in an atmosphere of support. This club will be a dynamic membership club that will offer educational programs, book clubs, networking events and so much more and it is targeted toward the non-judgmental growth of women.

Come on ladies, you know there’s a stereo type that women can’t work together, that women are catty behind each others backs and that women have a hard time watching other women advance in their field. But this club is about debunking that myth. I have had many influential and supportive women in my life to help move me along in my personal and professional development in every chosen field I’ve tackled from bartending, to sailing and diving, in real estate, and now toward owning and operating my own business.

The support of these powerful and caring women have meant a lot to me, and that’s why I’m so passionate about what the Geekette’s Club will bring to women in the Hampton Roads Area. (And further afield as it continues to grow)

So as my days grow short in Hampton Roads and this Blue Gypsy is about to move yet again, please join me at Aloft Hotel on March 24th for the launch of this new business, the Geekette’s Club. I’d love to say goodbye and encourage you to go for those goals and join an amazing group of supportive women to help move you along your journey.